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Reuters Video: Obamacare Impact on Hiring Plans
Wiki: Obama Care: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
What Is ObamaCare?
Kathleen Sebelius says decrease in human beings will cover cost of Obamacare contraception mandate
Another adverse side effect of Obamacare rears its ugly head – government rationing
Huge numbers of Obamacare waivers granted to luxury business in Pelosi’s district
Supreme Court Justice Kagan lied about ties to Obamacare
Obamacare failure now evident as health care costs rise nationwide
Congress repeals burdensome 1099 requirement in Obamacare; full repeal may be on the way
Wyoming bill would make it illegal to enforce Obamacare
Health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord speaks out about Obama health care, the US Constitution, and the Supreme Court
With Pelosi out, incoming House Speaker John Boehner promises to repeal Obamacare
Join a class-action federal lawsuit against Obamacare
ObamaCare and the Supreme Court
Romneycare = Obamacare: Romney’s Empty Promises to Repeal Obamacare
Obamacare’s Medical Mercenaries
ObamaCare: A Dozen (More) Damaging Disclosures
Ouch! Decade of Obamacare will cost $1,160 billion
Obamacare Billionaire: What One Entrepreneur’s Rise Says About The Future Of Medicine
To-Do List: Defending Obamacare; Magic Buys the Dodgers
In pushing Obama health care, Nancy Pelosi dismisses authority of US Constitution
Obama’s health care scheme ruled unconstitutional
Bipartisan healthcare exemption legislation first of many to challenge Obamacare
Obamacare: It’s Even Worse Than You Think
ObamaCare…good medicine or bad investment?
The Debate Over Obamacare
‘ObamaCare’ chips away at citizens’ freedoms
Obamacare wrongly leaves no room to opt out
Obamacare Collapse Would Put Employers in Charge
The ‘fairness’ of the US Supreme Court
Obama care’s Newest Fraud
Obama’s Supreme Court Warning a ‘Curious Turn of Events,’ Romney Says
The 2012 Vote i tried a blurb
Pilot project another pile of politics
Why Obamacare Expands the Deficit: Charles Blahous Rebuts His Critics
Obama’s Veil Of Tears
Inside Politics for April 29, 2012
Cornhusker senator kicks back at Scalia
Net neutrality for dummies
Medicare, Social Security on ‘unsustainable paths
Can Obama reclaim ‘Obamacare?’
“Obamacare” fight could determine nation’s future
Obama zombie star of low-budget super PAC videos
7 Big Health Policy Changes If ObamaCare Overturned
Health care change is inevitable
Obamacare: Two years of change, and counting
Opening the Door to Health Care Rationing Under Obamacare
The Vatican and the LCWR: it’s not about Obamacare
How Obamacare Will Hurt Tax Payers and Stop the Economic Recovery
How An ‘Obamacare’ Repeal Would Take Medicare And The Rest Of The Health Care System With It
Barney Frank: Obamacare Was a ‘Mistake’
Obamacare and Passover, coercion and liberty
Great Minds Think Alike
Coming to 16M Mailboxes: ObamaCare Rebates
‘Obamacare’ would smooth path to black-lung benefits
White House Scrambles to Keep Obamacare From Gutting Medicare Before Election
Another View: Obama bungles phase-in of his own health law

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Supreme Court Justice Kagan lied about ties to Obamacare
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If Obamacare is ruled constitutional, here are 7 more things the Obama administration may soon require everyone to purchase
Former top Democrat says when Obamacare takes effect, small businesses will drop employee health coverage

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