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Obamacare: A Job Killer?

admin October 30, 2018

The Republican House majority has repeated attempted to roll back the Affordable Care Act, otherwise labeled “Obamacare”. One of the foremost reasons cited for the need to kill the ACA is the concern that it will be a “job killer”. As where jobs are a #1 concern for most Amercians, we wonder is the Affordable Care Act would, in fact, kill jobs. Let’s explore:

One point of contention posed by the Republican House is based on the Congressional Budget Office report that suggested the law would “reduce the amount of labor used in the economy” by about 800,000 jobs. As where that would be of grave concern, the Congressional Budget Office is being, to some degree, misquoted. The Congressional Budget Office number of 800,000 primarily refers to workers who may choose to retire earlier or work part time, as they would no longer be so dependent on employers for their health-care safety net., a self-proclaimed nonpartisan, nonprofit advocate for voters that is generally perceived as being impartial, has attempted to debunk the job-killer claim more than once. Additionally, The Urban Institute – a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research and educational organization that examines the social, economic and governance problems facing the nation – has also discredited the “job-killer” claim based on experience from the Massachusetts law on which Obamacare was fashioned.

As Obamacare intends to reduce the growth of heath care costs by using the Government’s Medicare leverage to draw doctors away from high-priced fee-for-service medicine (with its incentive to add on unnecessary procedures), it could be argued that the Affordable Care Act would eventually be of benefit to the economy.

What are your thoughts? Will the Affordable Care Act cost America jobs? Or is just a smoke screen for the Republican House and their efforts to kill Obamacare? Or is the truth somewhere in-between? Please add your comments below.

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