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The Affordable Care Act: Time is Ticking for the States

Michael November 8, 2012

After playing defense for the last two years, Obama now has to follow through by clarifying all of the uncertainty that looms over the Affordable Care Act. There are a lot of gaping holes particularly in the politicking that is happening now since Republicans are no longer assured of a Romney-repeal. State leaders have only… Continue Reading »


November 6th: Will States Support Obama or Romney?

Michael November 6, 2012

Today will not only be the most pivotal Presidential election in decades, but in some ways could be just as important for some at the state level. Most people know that if Obama wins, plans of enacting the Affordable Care Act go on uninterrupted in 2014. What many people actually do not realize, is that… Continue Reading »


The Affordable Care Act: Marginally Affordable?

Michael September 20, 2012

The Affordable Care Act is the largest change to health care in four decades, a huge coup for the lowest income individuals and families who currently put off going to the doctor or filling much needed prescriptions. For these folks, if you are at or below the poverty line, you may continue to receive Medicaid… Continue Reading »


Nashville Diocese Sues Over Contraceptive Mandate: “Morally Objectionable”

Michael September 18, 2012

In recent Obamacare news, The Catholic Diocese of Nashville is in the headlines. They are suing the federal government over the  mandate that requires them to provide  contraceptive coverage and morning-after pills as part of their employees’ health insurance. Seven other Catholic institutions have also joined the suit which is now reigniting the debate about… Continue Reading »


Obamacare: A Job Killer?

Michael September 4, 2012

The Republican House majority has repeated attempted to roll back the Affordable Care Act, otherwise labeled “Obamacare”. One of the foremost reasons cited for the need to kill the ACA is the concern that it will be a “job killer”. As where jobs are a #1 concern for most Amercians, we wonder is the Affordable… Continue Reading »


Cigarette Warning Labels: How Graphic Should They Get?

Michael August 30, 2012

Recently, the FDA has tried to push a law that would require cigarette manufacturers to add graphic images to the health warnings already present on all cigarette packages in the United States.  As outlined by an article in The New York Times, a federal appeals court struck down the law last week in a 2… Continue Reading »

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