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ACA Changes: Will the Upscale Working Class Get a Fair Shake?

Heather Langone May 17, 2013

Are You Ready for the ACA? I wanted to share this great perspective on health care reform offered in an article by Casey Mulligan in The New York Times Economix section this week. Casey B. Mulligan is an economics professor at the University of Chicago. He is the author of “The Redistribution Recession: How Labor Market Distortions Contracted… Continue Reading »


A New Generation of Insured Children: Will They Be Better Adults?

Heather Langone May 8, 2013

How will the changing face of insurance change the next generation as they go out into the world as adults? Will providing both preventative and long term healthcare for all children regardless of a parent’s ability to pay do more than take care of the basic flu vaccinations or treat the basic cold? Think about… Continue Reading »


No Fear from Pres. as Obamacare Looms Near

Heather Langone April 30, 2013

According to an article just released in The New York Times, Obama went on record in defense of the health care law. He says it is “working fine.” But is it really? There have been reams of provisions, revisions, and even revisions to revisions as well as regulations and IRS explanations. Proponents would say that… Continue Reading »


Do Hospitals Profit from Your Misfortune?

Heather Langone April 23, 2013

Most Americans have certainly become accustomed by this point, to hearing about hospital error. We listen curiously and thank our lucky stars that it didn’t occur during our own unfortunate hospital stay. However did you know that hospitals actually profit from error? This is true according to a recent NY Times article which sites a… Continue Reading »


Virtual Health Care?

Michael February 27, 2013

Behind every great man is a great woman – or a woman rolling her eyes, depending on who you ask – but behind every great doctor are several great assistants. From the time a physician opens a patient file, an overworked army of administrative specialists kicks into gear to carry out his or her orders…. Continue Reading »

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