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August 31, 2012 | The Week in Review

Michael August 31, 2012

Headlines Obama vs. Romney 101: 6 ways they differ on health-care reform How Much Sugar Are Americans Eating? [Infographic] FDA Approves New Drug For Irritable Bowel Disorder (Update) Small ‘Button Batteries’ Pose Big Risks For Kids Big Calorie Cuts Don’t Equal Longer Life, Study Suggests Romney’s Sister Says He Won’t Ban Abortions Chocolate may lower men’s stroke… Continue Reading »


Cigarette Warning Labels: How Graphic Should They Get?

Michael August 30, 2012

Recently, the FDA has tried to push a law that would require cigarette manufacturers to add graphic images to the health warnings already present on all cigarette packages in the United States.  As outlined by an article in The New York Times, a federal appeals court struck down the law last week in a 2… Continue Reading »


Physician Burnout: What It Means for You and the ACA

Michael August 29, 2012

For decades, medical journals have chronicled the high rate of burnout among physicians in our country.  However, a recent study outlined on the AMN website shows that burnout rates among American physicians are now startlingly high at 45%.  As a result, many physicians are developing a range of symptoms including compassion fatigue, depression, and exhaustion. … Continue Reading »


The Dangers of Rape Myths in Politics

Michael August 28, 2012

Since Akin’s inflammatory statement regarding “legitimate rape” and its likelihood of resulting in pregnancy, the myth that the female body is somehow capable of preventing pregnancy in such instances has been largely debunked.  While his statements were arguably made in support of what he believes to be a life-saving movement, his false statements regarding how… Continue Reading »


West Nile Virus: What You Need to Know

Michael August 27, 2012

According to recent news reports, cases of West Nile Virus have been particularly prevalent this summer, having many people worried.  Of people who will contract the disease, approximately 80 percent will not get sick.  Roughly twenty percent will develop mild symptoms, and about one in 150 will develop serious complications.  Though the chances are slim… Continue Reading »


August 24, 2012 | The Week in Review

Michael August 24, 2012

Headlines West Nile Virus Spikes: Should You Worry? In Poll, Obama Is Given Trust Over Medicare Autism Risk Rises With Fathers’ Age Health officials link brain-eating amoeba deaths to tap water New research shows discrepancies in quality of care, mortality among women and men who suffer heart attacks Rise in RA Linked to Obesity Man’s… Continue Reading »

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